I remember two dreams.

I met Seth MacFarlane and we became friends then we became friends with benefits. We would go a while without seeing each others then we would have a lot of fun together. By the end of the dream I turned to Batman but all I can remember is that I was listening to the music of the three movies and I was running a lot and also trying to hide or maybe find Batman. Seth was jealous but I was also spending time with him. Then we got some money and he was counting if it was his right amount, it looked like he was not even counting for real which someone who was with us said but he replied sarcastically that he knew how to count. He had 900$ and another bill (it was all the same bills) and he gave me that extra bill which meant thank you for all the time we spent together and I knew that, without saying anything I touched one of his hand and we looked at each other with love.

I was at a party outside, Andy Roddick and his wife were there too. She started to complain that where she was about to take pictures did not want her to be naked and I almost said something mean to her but figured it was better to ignore her. I went to Andy and with someone else we ended up going in the forest walking. Where the party was it was Summer but in the forest it was Winter. We ended up in a water stream that had a lot of power, the rest was snow and ice. While we three were there his wife was searching for him. Before coming back we made plans for the next day to come back or go somewhere else but to stay longer that time. I went to get my things and they went to get theirs and we put them aside for that day (snow shoes and things like that). His wife was jealous when she saw I was with him which was not too bad of her because I have a crush on him and he seemed to have one too.