I remember five dreams.

It was my birthday and a lot of people were there including the Dallas Stars. One of my gift was a red Dodge Viper, I was excited about it. I wanted to take a ride with one person and Benn could not get in since he was too big, Seguin ended up being the one. Soon after I started driving I realised we were being followed and I told him to not worry, that I knew what I was doing and before he asked what I was talking about I started driving very fast until I lost whoever was after us and I told him see I told you I knew what I was doing.

A German Shepherd was in the wild because he had been mistreated. I came by a few people and him, one person wanted to throw things at him and I stood in front and pointed at the man and screamed that if he ever did that I would (then i mentioned a torture or a way of beating). The others were scared of the Dog but realised that he was okay since he was being nice with me.

I barely remember anything from this dream except that it had to do with a kitchen and me or someone else not supposed to be in it but was anyway and a few people around. I also remember me or the other person at one point having matches and igniting one, that made someone enter the kitchen and say something.

Brigitte showed a picture of her in class (she was in front almost and it was her back + nobody was sitting around her) to prove that she had been in a school once or that she was again. I saw the picture and smiled recognizing her.

I wanted to go to the drugstore but dad did not want to drive me so I put on some clothes and went there by foot. Dad drove by often with sometimes mom in the car talking to me and everytime I ignored them. When I came back dad was watching a dubbed movie I had not seen before so I dropped my bag on the floor, put my arms up and went back outside. I sat there until it was dark being hungry, tired and cold.