I remember three dreams.

I was kidnapped and Vin Diesel (as Riddick i think) came to save me. I was following the man in charge of a group when I saw him, there were other people too in the line and around. Taking what seemed to be a fraction of a second he took down the man and dressed like him while also acting like him. He told me with his face and a few words to continue the charade. A guard thought it was suspicious and Vin threatened him and he immediately stopped being suspicious. He stopped in a room before where we were supposed to go, I was afraid but followed him and did everything he said.

I stood up to goons who were angry that Harper did not get elected. They were big and furious and I did not care. I told them that if they liked dictators (or something like that) to wait until a republican was elected in the United States and to move there since he loved Harper and Bush so much (i think i may of also said a few or 1 countries who has real dictartorship).

I heard a sound after I fell asleep and that sound immediately woke me up (cannot recall exactly what it was).