Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream.

It was like in the movie The Perfect Storm. The character of Diane Lane and Mark Wahlberg were together but they were separated, the woman had done something cruel and he had left, she came out of the house that was supposed to be for them before the boat was supposed to go and he went to see her to make peace and come back with her. The character of George Clooney was with someone and he was also an alcoholic, before going in the boat he told his girlfriend that he would stop drinking, he took a bottle and to show her he threw it in the water. The boat left and I was there but I (i did not look like myself) was the town's crazy woman who kept bothering everyone with my religion, when I entered my house I was not that woman anymore, she was outside my house, I decided to kill her, I closed all the lights except for one where I hid, she entered my house and I killed her, before calling the cops I tried to position the chair I was in when I killed her with where the body was, I was not too sure that would work with all the technology of today, when they were doing their investigative work I saw a spider, that spider suddendly started moving very fast, I was trying to get away while screaming and freaking out but that spider was so fast that it kept on following like the speed of light almost, it always ended up over my head.