I cut my time in bed short last night so I could maybe be able to sleep and not be half dead tomorrow, Friday and Monday since I have to get up early these days. I fell asleep not quickly but it did not take hours, I woke up at least once and for a very short period of time. I remember one dream (i remembered 1 more before getting up but now its forgotten again).

This was another dream where it was me but I did not look like myself (i looked like Julia Roberts in this...my roomates were the other girls from Mystic Pizza). Before coming back home and getting ready with my roomates to have a night out I met a man for the first time, he was hot and muscular. He flirted with me and asked me to see me again and I agreed. I and my roomates lived in an appartment building and he was living there too. I was getting ready all excited with my roomates and when I was just about ready he knocked on our door. I let him in and let him wait for me. To finish getting ready it was not me putting on clothes or makeup or shoes it was me painting, he came into the room when I was finishing the first step of the painting. He was happily surprised to see that I could paint. We went out with my roomates but we quickly found a quiet place for me and him. He was getting naked and I was more than excited to see what was underneath his clothes. The last thing I remember was me getting off mine and helping him getting his off.