Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember three dreams.

A woman was just choosen as a new Victoria's Secret model. She went to a party where they were talking about her big breasts. She said they were not really big that it was all padding and noone believed her so she took her the silicone padding then her bra, she was right, she only had a small 32A chest and before her breasts looked much bigger.

I had a new pet, it was a Tiger. The people were shocked and I told them that his/her (cannot remember if it was a boy or a girl) mother was found dead and cut opened. I was there when she and the babies were found, I had picked up that baby up and took care of him/her and the baby had picked me as a mom so I had decided to be the mom.

A woman and a man were in love with a woman. The man saw that the woman was getting obssessed with that woman so they both went to see her and the man said that she had to either choose between them or let them go. She said that yes she was bisexual but that if she had to choose she would pick a man. The woman got very angry and went upstairs where she had left some things, threw them downstairs and then left with her things.