Thank you smile!

I am lucky to have the internet, before I had that I never had anyone to talk to.

There are no therapist and psychiatrist here. There are social workers that also serve as psychologist so it's not worth it.

Last year I had a ten 0,5 ativan prescription and it helped to sleep (it took me months to use it), I got another one like that months ago and I think I will take it to the drugstore soon. I don't want to have to have to take these kinds of pills every day but if I am still here next year and nothing has changed I will have to I think. I have no idea how I am not fully crazy right now but sadly I feel I am not too far from it.

I will send you a private message and give you my email address. I am stuck with the one I have from my internet provider, I changed my account two days ago but realised the next day all I could do was receive, read and delete emails, someone from that place tried to help me yesterday but it still does not work.

That other website is not too helpful unless you had a dream where one thing had a major role in it. Like a bear or something else to which they have that name. Some things are missing from their directory of words too.

Give a hug to your first born from me smile!