O.k. I have to do this quickly...or I'll forget it.

I spoke to my husband about it (he's sick went to bed early, but I wrote in my dream journal).

There was a flood of some sort (which isn't the important part believe it or not) but in front of a Walmart, there were armed guards??

So, in the dream, I'm like above looking down (if that makes sense) almost like what you'd call arial viewing or something...from above.

Eh...OH...got it! K - so the area this Walmart was in had a flood of some kind and there were American Soldiers standing guard around it and there was a fence off to the right.

I couldn't understand why there would be comoflaged (sp) I stink at spelling, lol...

But anyway, the parking lot had water in it and the systems were down. People were driving on land or grass and loading cars up. That was the explanation.

In the dream I did see cars driving on land, but the fence and the soldiers seemed to feel (in the dream) extreme).

Basically the soldier's answer to my question, in the dream was:

"We have to be here to keep people from stealing." confused

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