I remember two dreams.

All I remember is basically that it had to do with the show The Sopranos and that at one point two of the characters were with each others in a car, the woman should not of been there because they used to be together but now he was with someone else, they suddenly after talking jumped on each others and kissed, he started to suck on one of her nipple and it enlarged and instead of being hurt she was enjoying it, when she said that he stopped and was angry, he told her he hated her and that she tasted disgusting.

I had moved to a large building complex. When I was coming back home there were a lot of people and one of them asked me for 4$, I ignored him but almost immediately I realised it was for an Hockey pool so just for fun I asked what team his group had and he said the Dallas Stars. I was like wow that's my team with a thumbs up and I said I would be back with the money and be part of the group. A little after coming back I made friend with a woman and a little after that I received a phone call on my cell. I started to jump with happiness because it was the good news I was waiting for, I wrote down things and then hung up screaming and jumping. I said that I had a job and that it was with the Dallas Stars, I would even have Jamie Benn as a supervisor. The woman looked at me like I was a liar.