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I'm finding it crucial to begin and end the day with prayer and meditation during which I ask to be protected and for only the highest good to be allowed into my sphere of influence.

The thing is that, as a very small child, I had a dream that I was being sent to walk the perimeter of hell to rescue someone. And that is why, I believe, some of my life experiences have been very difficult and my visions tortuous.

But the good news is that God promised me He would never forsake me and would always hold my hand the entire way. smile


This has to be my favorite post from you ever. It explains so many things.

I hope this is not an imposition on my part as I share from the deepest place of love. It is absolutely true that God does not take us to places where He/She will not support us. The fear we have is our own (and I should know-I battle with the fears every time I am faced with a new challenge).

I too have taken to the security prayers and meditations first thing in the morning and last thing at night. That was when God showed me Bergerman, my spiritual animal, a wolf, sent to protect me at all times. One day Bergerman explained, that if I were not comfortable I do not need to see him (Bergerman). I simply needed to trust that God would protect me. He said, he was here because he represents security for me. He is present because there are greater things to do and I must move beyond the fear.

Right now I feel like I'm on a roll. I have to admit, pushing through the fear has been exhilarating. I do not fool myself by thinking there will never be any other fears, but I absolutely appreciate the present tense, where I am feeling pretty secure and moving forward.

My kindred Lori, I love you so much and know that you are always doing the best thing for you at the time you are doing it. Put your Faith in God because He is always standing there with His hand out to help you through whatever fire He is asking you to walk through.

Also, you can always ask for earthly assistance. It is available.

Yvonnie DuBose