I remember three dreams.

Gisele had brought us Toby to take care of just one night and part of the next day. He was very happy to see us especially me since I have not gone back to Ste-Florence since we moved (in my dream my new house and city looked different but we were still living next to water) but he was worried about her mom coming back (for those who do not know Toby is a Golden Retriever). The next morning he was happy and worried again, he took a while before going outside. While waiting for Gisele I went outside and there were Penguins there, Toby was somewhere on the beach. Mom too (do not remember seeing dad in that dream). At one point I had an arm on something and a Penguin went and sat right on that hand, he/she made a few noises then jumped down and went away. When Gisele came back I or mom told her that and she was said wow you are lucky.

It was after the fire. We were not at our new place but not where we used to live. We met a few people I had never met before but they seemed to know us. They wanted to show us the place and get us to some stores. There was one that were selling old stuff, when the man explaining that said there was vinyl disks I told him I still had all mine and explained to him when I started buying my music in cassettes then cds then told him I had more than one thousand cds (the # of cds is the only thing that is true in reality), when I was talking others were talking too and the man was trying his best to listen to me.

I was watching a new television show. In it women had to give oral sex to men. It was timed. One was excited to be there but not about who she got. One was excited and wanted to win. The last was Taylor Swift and she went into a car with the man.