Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember two dreams.

All I remember saying all excited that it was Vin Diesel then I or a camera floated over him who was laying down on his belly and I said oh wow what a perfect butt (he had on a light pj pant on that showcased the butt).

It was basically me and Toby who is a Golden Retriever of a neighbor. I went to see him then we walked then we drove then we were in a cabin in the woods with many people then we went to a store to get food (when we got up there was a strange man who looked like a sheriff that kept on looking at us like we were running away or outlaws) then we stopped on the side of the road to go walk where it looked nice (when we did that there were snow everywhere but where the cabin was i dont remember any..i think it was summer).