I remember one dream.

Me and my family (in it we do not look like each others and my brother was alive) were living in a huge property with a big house. We also had a shelter on this property. And we had a pet Goat who when the wind was strong we had to hold him and get him fast in the house because he would fly away (not with wings just the wind would take him). An hurricane or tornado or something else was coming, I was the one who learned about it so I warned my family and we hurried to the shelter but when we went outside the wind was already strong. For some reason when we got in the shelter mom started to freak out and she asked me (i was the last 1 out because i was making sure our pet was with us) if I had locked the doors especially the front door and then added the alarm, I said that I did not remember and she went to open the door of the shelter to go look. I told her this was ridiculous and that in addition she would put our pet in danger with the wind. She did open the door of the shelter but with me screaming she finally gave that idea up and closed it back while staying inside.