I remember two dreams.

Toby who is a Golden Retriever and his mom Gisele came to visit while passing by to go to another city and when he saw me he was very excited and she was happy but she became jealous a little because he would not leave my sight and when he did he would come back to me.

I was able to secretly get away from my parents. I ended up in a city where after looking for an apartment that was cheap (400$ or less per months with electricity and water included) I found one and after a while I had furnished and arranged it to my taste. But after a while I saw my parents and somehow they found me. I invited dad in because he was the first to spot me. At first I was excited because he was shocked that I found that place, that it was nice and how I had arranged it. When we were next to the balcony I saw mom outside so I decided to bang (not too strongly) on the patio door to make her look up and she did which is when I though oh no they will be able to continue to ruin my life eventhough I'm not living with them anymore.