I remember two dreams.

I had enough money to go live one year in Dallas with season tickets. I slowly packed (in the Saint-Hubert house and the bedroom was not the 1 i last had it was the 1 before) and took the train to go there. When I arrived I was going to add to the agent that the reason why I did not take the plane was because of all that nazi stuff but I was afraid they would send me to a camp or something so I did not mention that. After arriving at the place I rented I unpacked, checked everything out and before relaxing I realised I had no food so I went to a grocery store and it was supposed to be for a few things but I ended up with a lot and I wondered how I would bring all that back all by myself when at the checkout. The next day I decided to take a walk (the morning routines were cleaning up since there was no computer) and I ended up in a park, there were paths there leading to a forest but I did not know if it was private so I waited until someone came and when a man came I walked up to him and when I asked him he got scared by my accent and after backing up without saying much (just i dont know - before he was smiling) and looking around he then started to run. I continued my walk but in the city.

I visited a huge house that was for sell. It was very old and abandoned but I saw that it was far from falling apart. I kept saying that if I ended up with it I would make sure that it would be back to what it used to be and even better. After the visit I said I wanted it and I did not need to bargain I would give what the owners were asking for, until then I almost said many times that I was rich but did not, someone mentioned that the asking price was high and I said that it was no problem. I was before that scared because of the spiders around and I asked if there was an infestation of them in it and I was told no and I said the only way I will back down is if it's a lie.