I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with Rafael Nadal who was playing at the Australian Open. I also remember not even looking at the schedule so maybe missing him but acting like I knew when he would play and that I was not missing him. I also remember that it looked like I was actually there but I was not really (i think).

My dad had left his job and we were about to move out of our Saint-Hubert house. He had the guts to call (or say it to their faces - that too do not remember much) about the 60000$ they owe him and by phone he was told that he would get it, he said oh yeah right either before or after hanging up. He mentioned this to us then went and ran some errands (at least the grocery store). Meanwhile I went out in the yard to take some pictures with my cell phone to remember this house and to have it as my backgrounds for a while. Then I was at a clinic (cannot say if that was there or after moving) to get an ear cleaning, the doctor's office was one but it was opened to a bigger room that seemed to lead to at least another one and men (started with 1 who entered to clean then went there to take a break - the other came in to take a break). The doctor was doing her job and I was looking at what was going on and then I said that I wanted some privacy. I was also scared of the thing she used to look into my ears and explained to her why. She also said what was told to me twice that she could wash the left ear but not the right. I tried to persuade her to do the other too and she looked like maybe she would do it. My mom was there too but she never said anything.