I've had a few dreams I haven't posted yet, but this one was today, and (to me) interesting because...

So, the dream was about Robert Downey Jr.

I was at a party he happened to be. He had a date w/him. But, they didn't really interact, like they were interested in each other, though they were a couple.

He saw me in the crowd and I "felt" intuitively (This guy is really deep)he thinks a lot.

So he just looks at me and I smile and we dance. As soon as he touched my hands, (in his mind) I could hear, "She's not like the rest of the Hollywood crowd.

He asked his date if she wouldn't mind if we went somewhere (he and I) and talk/even see each other. She said, "That's totally fine w/me."

Later in the evening, watching us communicate, she changed her mind and asked me to reconsider leaving w/him. She was almost begging me and crying on my shoulder.

In the dream I verbally said, "I don't think that'll be a problem," and pointed over my shoulder.

He had taken something, a drug of some type. You didn't smoke or inject this thing. You put it on your tongue and it melts or something. I saw him do this and I'm like, "No, no, no, no, no...don't, please don't do that - plus you've been drinking."

Some guys were carrying him out and putting him in some big black truck or something and as he was leaving I had a premonition/flash.

He had a tropical lizard/a pet or pets...lots actually. It was a Komodo Dragon lizard and it died or was going to and it was going to bring him great sadness. I wouldn't be able to be there to comfort him and that made me sad.

WELL!!! Woke from this dream and smack-dab in the middle of Bellaonline was a review from the Movies Editor - "Iron Man 3."

Before logging onto the computer, I told myself today: "IF there's anything to this dream, there'll be something online, as soon as I sign on and there was confused

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