A lot of dreams last night. Wow. Many.

I recall a few in particular. In one, I was making bacon for a friend and his daughters but since my sisters had come over unexpectedly, I was in a bit of a panic because I was unsure if I had enough and if I could cook it all quickly. I ended up laying all the strips on baking sheets to bake them. But, my friend took his daughters into another room because my sisters took up all the seats at the table.

(The interp for this one is clear: I want to be there for my newly divorced friend who will soon be financially devastated from the divorce. I've known him since middle school. But I also want to be able to help my sisters, too, in different ways, for different reasons.)

In another dream, I was sitting in a beauty salon, waiting to get my hair cut and styled. I watched as stylists discussed how to do a younger patron's hair. I ended up not getting my hair done that day as I decided to let it grow longer first.

(This indicates to me that I'm going to take more time to contemplate any changes to my identity. True. I'm in the midst of redefining myself but I still like certain aspects.)

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