I remember three dreams.

It was a camp for kids to learn how to be rappers and it was provided by Eminem. I remember seeing some of the kids before they went there. There they were all on a stage of what looked to be a theatre, they were all in a circle and one by one had to show what they had by dancing. Two were wearing a flannel blouse of a different color (2 of the kids i saw before the camp - the main ones i think) and one in particular was made fun of by most if not all the kids except the other. Eminem (maybe he was there from the start - cant recall) looked then said that they all had they individual talent. He started talking (i think the kids were still trying out) but then he saw he had a call or something, he did it but looked like he had some kind of remorse (i vaguely remember someone standing - like a dark figure at the right from the start - he did not approve of that) and I think he came back soon after and if he left he did not go far for long.

I had started what I said I would do, after starting I made up an excuse that it would not work and another excuse after another to start it over.

I came into the kitchen and mom was making something. I asked her if it was pancakes and she said no it is white cake and I was excited by it. I saw that she was trying a recipe I had done a few times (remember thinking how she had found it because it was from an old book and it burned with our other things - i doubt we will find that recipe book again - i did not say anything i just thought it). When they are asking to separate the white and yolk she did it, I said I never did that, cannot remember if she said anything but she kept on making the dough and I was almost salivating at the thought of eating some. Then I was too making some, it looked lumpy.