I remember three dreams.

I was in my bedroom of the Saint-Hubert house but it was like a labyrinth of furniture inside. It was dark in the room on purpose by me and it was scary because something was in the room with me. Everytime I would see myself in a mirror or another thing that did the same thing as a mirror it would be me but different, either I was uglier or I looked like a demon, I knew it was not me the problem. I was scared but I kept giving fingers and being angry at whatever was there with me. And I also walked slow and kept on stopping. I was really scared and a voice inside me kept telling me to stop because it was making that thing angrier but I kept on doing it.

It was getting late and I thought I would at least miss one of my three week shows because I had something on early night but I was able to watch all three with at least an half hour to spare, I could even choose the order of the shows with the television schedule.

I went back to a home where I played often as a child, the people living there had a daughter to which I was a friend and they had kept her bedroom like it was and completely closed, they never went in there. I was able to get in the house and go in the bedroom, just in case I would keep everything cleaned and my things in a way that it would be easy to hide just in case which was the best choice because I made a big noise by accident and they (or just 1) came in and checked, everything was as it was and I had hidden all my things and was hiding under the bed. When they (or he or she) closed the bedroom door I left that place and walked to another place where I started to cry and made up that when I was young it was where an uncle lived and that me and my family had spent so much wonderful time there. I kept on pointing places and saying things about it. They believed me and invited me to stay for a while and I accepted still acting sad.