I remember one dream.

I was in The Sopranos gang, just entered it but I was not part of the mafia just their friends. Tony learned that I had a bunch of money hidden so he told me about a place that for years all of them hid their money so I said okay I'll hid mine there too. The number two (cannot recall his name in the show) gave me a car ride there and he explained how long they had been doing that and a few stories about that. I picked a spot and hid my money. I then looked around because the place fascinated me. It was an old school and I said that they should renovate it and use it but he said that they could not do it because the feds would find out about the place. We left at night, since it was an old abandoned place there were no lights but he had a flashlight with him and we found the car okay, he even shined the light on my car door so I had not problem to open the door.