I remember two dreams.

In the first I went back to my old house with a neighbor's dog from here. We went for a walk, everyone looked happy and the people who saw Toby were all in love with him, a woman even gave him a compliment. Suddendly strong wind appeared and we both were trying to go back to the house. A car came in and let us in. I sit first in it then Toby came in because he did not want to go in the car before me because he was afaid for me alone outside with that strong wind. I said thanks to the old man driving and he said that it was no problem, he looked like a psychopath but me and Toby were so thankful to not be in that dangerous weather that we ignored it. I soon realised that we had passed the house and when I told the man that he had passed it (i told him the address when he started to drive and his response was something like it did not matter that he knew or would find it easily) he continued driving. I called out for Toby and he sit up (he was laying down) I then tried to break the glass but it was unbrokable. I finally was able to break the windshield (dont remember how) and I woke up then, all I remember after breaking that windshield and before waking up is that the man was not happy.

In the last I was looking around for cheap places to stay and I finally find one. I spent the first day starting to fix and arrange it and at night I decided to go out and get something from a restaurant I haven't went to in years because there's none here. Then I was the actress from Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze was there too and he was also his character from the movie. We were looking for a cheap place to stay and found one. We spent the first day having sex and talking about how we would make it. The first morning I woke up before him and I got up to make the breakfast. He woke up and was looking at me with love and I did not know he was there.