I remember two dreams.

There were zombies everywhere and I was living in a safe place with many survivors. For some reason a lot of them made a secret plan to escape and I did it with them. Then the plan was for someone to go back there and act like they were sorry then leave again without them seeing it coming and it was me who decided to do it. So I made sure to be dirty and look scared then went back there. The people who were left were angry and suspicious but I acted so good that they believed me and let me use the entire facility by myself so I took a shower then went back in my room for the things I had left behind then when the time was right I sneaked back out of there all the while making sure there were no zombies in that area (there were almost nobody else remaining there so security was less good eventhough the surroundings were big walls and security systems - people were still needed) and outside.

Mom was talking against two members of my family (both of dads side - grandmom & uncle).