I remember two dreams.

Shumi and his son were going door to door selling things. His wife was staying home. Their daughter was very sick. Shumi was selling things through Sears catalogues and his son were making things himself, sometimes it was mugs sometimes it was keychains and sometimes something else. Nobody seemed to recognize him when they were opening the door, some of the mugs had his face on it and when he showed it off he was saying that this was him when he was driving for Ferrari, only one person recognized him. At one point after a woman opened the door he was bending over to get the things off the bag out and the woman said oh no we do not want any of this and Shumi said oh no we are not selling off the catalogues we are letting borrow them, she believed it. Then a crowd appeared and after showing off the mugs and explaining that it was his son doing this he said that next he will make keychains and all or most of them were interested. Shumi said that he could basically do everything and they started saying what they wanted. He had a keychain sun with four words on it, this one he made for his sister, the people were interested in it but they decided to let the family have this one.

All I remember was it had the army and cops and probably another group like that if not more. I also remember one cop making gestures before an attack and everyone except the one in charge understanding, the man in charge gave an excuse to stay behind.