That sounds a bit like the dreams I've been having. The forms and the country and the candy, etc. Seems more a bit about freedom perhaps. I could take a closer look. I've been hearing from a few people their dreams are more like informative movies. Not good or bad, just their dreams are like those that don't normally remember their dreams are woken up with dreams that read more like a movie.

Here's one I've had and I'm still working on it. I just keep them written down on paper. They're more the types of dreams you don't forget and/or keep nagging at you, but there are key words.

I'm not certain, but I think this dream (and it was a doozie) I'll post it in the dream forum as well. I scribbled it down mid-am and it wasn't a "normal" dream. Quite specific in fact.

It was a poem or something. You should see the paper I scattered it on. Looks like a 2 yrs old wrote it. Anyway this is it. It seemed to have something to do w/future events, but the future is never one-sided:

"If hell hath have a fate for thee, thereby casting to the knee, than so shall stand for that FORESEEN (that was very loud) caveat to all in tyrany."

I don't know what "caveat means" and the spelling's probably incorrect. But the message felt "revelationary."

Oh, and "The bread-lines are getting thin." That was in there too. Having a hard time putting the two together for now, mostly I'm guessing - I'm pushing it out.

Karen Elleise
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