I was in bed for less than ten hours. Slept most of it but it took me a long time to fall asleep and I woke up a few times so I am feeling tired. I remember one dream (that dream was all over the place...it will be hard i think to write it).

I was in the army. I was walking over the base and I ended up where another troop was. I saw that they were eating hamburgers and I said that I was jealous. I was told that I could eat one if I wanted to, at first I said no that I just ate but I could not resist. I ended up with a small group and someone said that if we could shut ut about something that we could all end up very rich. At first we mostly were not sure but we ended up wanting to do it. Then I had the urge to get out, we were surrounded by zombies (well people who were suffering from a virus...i knew it was about to be dangerous). I (or we...that i cant remember) had to walk where the infected were to get out of there, I could see it was starting, it did before I was able to get out but I was still able to get away without being infected. Then it was like I was watching The Simpsons (or i myself was in this...i think i may of been Lisa...i remember her mostly) they were in a car getting away and Homer had decided to drive away in mountains, mountains full of snow and trees. I remember Lisa screaming at him (i remember hearing his name when she was screaming). He was driving fast and it was a more than dangerous place to drive but he kept driving pass the trees and rocks and snow and they did not end up in an accident.