Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember three dreams (1 wanted to come back before i got up but it never did).

Me and my parents (had the feeling that my brother was there too) decided to go to a big shopping mall far away from where we lived. I was excited because it had been a long time since I wanted to go back. We arrived in a place where the roads we had to take to go there were flooded but that my dad figured that with a truch he could do that, he was even excited about these floods since noone else were in those roads. At first it went well but then from looking far away I realised that one place was too dangerous so I told (almost screamed) him to stop that that place was deep as a lake. He turned around at the last chance he had and we barely were able to get out of there.

My dad went to Rimouski with an uncle (actually is doing that today.....the reason in my dream was the same as in real life too) and I decided to come and shop while they were at where they were supposed to go. We ended up in a McDonald's to eat.

I decided to go back to Care2 and of course I was met with technical issues (worst than they were when i was a member.....hard to imagine they could get worst!!!!), I ended up saying out loud and over and over again "I want to die" while trying to do what I wanted to do.