I remember six dreams.

I was in the car with dad and I think also my brother (i had the feeling he was there but did not saw him). He went by a house we could of had, he liked that one better, he decided to drive right next to it by driving through a pile of snow which I told him was dangerous but he said we were in a pickup truck and that there were tire tracks over at one place so he did it and drove right in the yard while looking at the house and he ended up in a small street behind and we came back to our new home (then i did not have the feeling that my brother was there anymore). There I had a baby who had a defect or scar in half of his face and I had adopted him without telling my parents but for some reason they did not freak out but they did think that I would not keep the baby long (thats an impression i had). I installed the baby in my bedroom and I was trying to figure out where to put his room.

I was in an hotel which also had the Dallas Stars players stay there too. That hotel looked just like my Saint-Hubert house. In it I was some kind of spy or something. In one part I was entered the room where they are were and I was doing some parkour and was after someone, it looked like I could not keep up at one point (i could not get up to where the man had gone to get away) but I held on and grabbed a knife, threw it and I killed the man. I came back down then I had other clothes on and came back to where they are were but my hair was all over the place and I was hurt too, I looked around then sat down like I was trying to look innocent which worked because the people after me came there and then went away.

I wanted to eat (other people too) some candy I had but I did not want anyone to touch my candy and I also wanted to finish two other candy before eating these candy.

We finally received an order that I ordered online in December. The box looked cheap, too big and it was all banged up. I took out everything and there was an Elmo tee-shirt in it for me that I did not remember buying (that store does not have Elmo things). It was white and my Elmo said that and then whine that I had a nice red Elmo tee-shirt before the fire and he started to cry.

That dream came back to me when I was getting up and I only recall two things and I do not remember when I dreamed it. I had looked at the time before getting up and when I was putting my pajama on I forgot the time. Then when I was on my computer before my breakfast I realised I forgot to put my juice in the freezer.

That dream came back to me before I came here while in the bathroom and that one too I cannot recall when I dreamed it. I came on Bella Online and could not log in, I tried many times while using many ways and everytime I was denied or it did not work.