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Your bird dream:

As you might have read in my latest dream symbol article about birds, birds can represent many different things in life depending upon what type of bird, etc. But generally speaking, birds tend to represent aspirations, hopes and dreams (ability to fly).

The fact that there were birds everywhere in the house and some were dead and some were alive points to how your parents (and maybe you, too) have had a LOT of hopes and aspirations in life. Some of those dreams are still alive (hopeful) while others are dead (will not be able to be fulfilled).

The bird droppings everywhere indicate all the unpleasant fall-out from these life dreams. Maybe some of these hopes lead to bitterness, regrets, resentments, rejection, anger, etc. due to not being fulfilled.

Your mother doesn't recognize that her own life has been affected by this stuff.

Of course, you tell you you're moving out because you want to get out of this place with so many unfulfilled hopes.

That Bradley Cooper and another person admired your beautiful voice symbolizes how you would like to be recognized for your skills and talents and even how you manage your life so well up until now. A bike represents balance and progress. Singing with a beautiful voice is expressing your beautiful self and feeling happy.

You are happy when moving forward on your own personal journey, finding your inner balance and peace, but not while in your home.

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