I remember one dream.

There was a tsunami and I was right in it in a boat. I and a few people survived and it was coming back so I was wondering what I should do, go back in a boat or run or go in a big building. Suddendly all the water went away so I went with running away. I ended in a destroyed building and saw something that looked like a red diamond so I went there and it was indeed one, I got it checked out and I was told that he would give me 14000$ but that it could be a one million dollars diamond but that it could take up to a year to know if it was and that maybe at the end it would end up not being anything so I would not even get nothing for it. I thought about it while walking in mostly ruins (it was a street with many buildings most were businesses and it was going uphill), I figured that that money would help me get away from my parents but I would really hate it to later learn that it was worth much more so I decided to wait and see how much it was really worth. Then I had the feeling that the tsunami was soon going to be back so I put on lots of clothes on me and skis on my feet and on my hands for backups, people around were finding it weird but only dad (did not see mom and did not felt her) was laughing at me, I was thinking that he would stop laughing when that tsunami would be here again. I ended up at the top of the hill (there was just nature beyond that point) and I waited here for the tsunami but it never came back.