Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember three dreams.

All I remember from that dream is that Valerie who is my asthetician was in it.

I had become a figure skater. I was in the Olympics, noone really thought I would win anything since I had started doing that not too long ago, they even were wondering what I was doing there. When it was my turn I was spectacular, I was doing things that only can be done when practiced from a very young age. When I was over I knew I had won the gold, I was crying and close to a panic attack and when I got off the ice all I wanted was to go see the Canadian Hockey team that were close, there I wanted to see Eric Lindros. I fell on the ground before reaching them and he came to me trying to get the cameras and people off me before hugging me. I also wanted to see Shumi but I knew he could not be there since he was still recovering from his coma. After I was with Alexei Yagudin and we were on the ice of the arena of the Dallas Stars skating together and trying to come up with a special number for before a game. After skating and having fun for a while it started to get serious then sexy and soon after we started having sex right there.

I was on the computer on Amazon Canada looking at a seller's shop I had bought from once before looking to see if they had anything else I could buy from. My mom told me while I was still there that a package had arrived, I told her that it was impossible since all I had bought (from Amazon then somewhere else) had all arrived. My mom said that it could be a bill that they had forgotten to send me and I said no that the bills were in all the boxes I had gotten and my mom kept saying that it was not true. I stayed in front of my computer looking at the same seller, I found a beautiful set of jewelry that had a ring, when I looked at that page I saw that it was a men's ring, that made me think of Prometheus, I still wanted to have it and I was trying to figure out my finger size with a men's finger size.