I remember two dreams.

I was going upstairs in the kitchen and this is exactly when dad opened his television, my reaction was oh of course without saying anything, I went in the kitchen and hurried up making food before he went to a dubbed movie.

My parents were either dead or had left me the house and everything else. I had put it on sale with everything except my personal objects. Soon a couple came by, I was outside with a German Shepherd, the Dog went to them and I told them not to worry that he was nice. They seemed very interested right away. I showed them around outside and inside (during that time the dog disappeared and it was like i never had him) and told them that I would never take less than 200000$ and that if they did not want some or all of what came with the house they were the ones who had to get rid of it by selling it or whatever. I also told them that no renovations were needed except if they wanted to paint and change the floors. I was able to sell it quick (do not know if it was to the couple) and for at least my last night Brigitte was there. She still was there when the agent came by to pick me up to drive me to the lawyer who would make it all final. I had the two cars but I did not want to drive there myself. I had put everything I was keeping in my luggage. The agent suddenly stopped at what seem in the middle of a highway, it was next to a sign that was not parking, me and Brigitte looked at each others and he was not saying anything or even moving. He then came out and went to a shopping mall that was close and we understood after following him that he wanted to eat first. He went to a KFC and Brigitte and I followed but I looked around asking if there was a McDonald's and after I saw one and I said yes we are saved and we went there. When ordering a sandwich there we had to pick the bottom of it, Brigitte asked for a big mac with a small coke and I asked for a new kind of cheeseburger with fries and coke. At first I thought I had found the perfect house, I showed the pictures to the agent and he came with me eventhough it was not from his territory to look at it if it was a good buy, he did not think so. Then I was thinking of getting a small house then an apartment.