I remember one dream.

I had adopted a Dog through the internet in China. When I got there not only did they refuse to let me go with him/her I realised it was a place with many Dogs that were being tortured. I found a place to call for help and they told me to call a certain organisation then warned that if I would get my Dog that probably I could not save all the others but that at least I would of shined a light on that place. Suddendly I was in a place where my parents and brother were. I was trying to find in the yellow pages that organisation's phone number but when I found it it was a big description and finally saw a bunch of names and some had phone numbers. I was already freaking out and this did not calm me. I looked everywhere at least twice then decided to call the first number, it took me a long time to find this again and when I did I saw that it was written doctor in front of her name so I panicked a little more then read all the informations again then said okay I have no choice I will call that number and she could just transfer me but again I could not find it. I was screaming saying how come I could not find this again, that it was right there not too long ago and that it was not anymore. Both my parents and brother went about their day not caring at all about what I was going through and trying to do except for towards the end when I was screaming my brother looked at at least one parent but it looked more like he was annoyed or thinking I was crazy.