I remember two dreams.

I had woken up late and was about to do my morning routine (in this dream it included a shower but in real life i take my showers at night before going to bed) but the Dallas Stars were playing in the afternoon in about one hour and I thought I had time eventhough normally my routines takes longer than that. Before I looked at the schedule and I saw the next thing was not a game so I looked it up and it was an announcement for a team for Canada and Jamie Benn and a few other players would be there because they had made the cut so I looked at the television schedule and I finally found it on a channel I had. I then realised it was coming soon the game of the day so I decided to just make some food for it but when I went where it was supposed to play on a woman was talking and I saw that she was the prime minister of a province or territory and that she was on almost all the channels and I was screaming trying to find my game by looking at the schedule with my remote then using that remote to change the channels. Finally with a few minutes to spare I was able to find a channel who would show my Hockey game.

All I remember is at least two persons trying out pastries, I remember a woman being there but I cannot remember if it was me.