I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that I had to go to the bathroom then I woke up and it took me a few minutes to realise that I really had to go to the bathroom in reality (looked at the time and there were more than 7 hours to go so i got up and went - about 6 hours later i woke up again needing to go to the bathroom at first i was like in about 2-3 hours im getting up but i knew i would just fall asleep then with about 1 hour to go i would have to go so i went there).

Me and a few people working at the same place went to a vacation that was a little bit part of our work too. At one point I was with someone who stole or took one or more candy. When we were outside our boss came out with a huge see through plastic bag full of candy, I was with the person who had taken the candy and his eyes became big when he saw the candy. The boss was not happy, he was forced to take all that. We were in a van and the person driving got mad because a woman was taking her time in front of the gate, he wanted to pass her and I said that it was not a good idea but when he saw his chance when the gate was opened he took it. When we drove past her she screamed something with an evil smile. We were like what did she say, it was something about needing something to get back home then we figured she said a form but we laughed and said that it was impossible that they would force us to do that just to get out of their country but this is what happened, we had to sit down and fill up a big form with personal information with less than two hours to go before our plane was taking off. I was trying to calm down then I sat down saying okay it can be done but the first question (about the color of our hair) made me panic because the line to end up with the correct box to check was so long and the question and answer was so tricky that I threw it on the floor and started screaming.

Two men were walking. One had to go to the bathroom, he was doing his best but he was not able to. The other man told him try it again and he said no that's okay when the time will come I will go. They walked by a restaurant and the man needing to go asked if he could get a sample made of bran and he was given a small pancake with syrup which was so good that they both went in the restaurant and got one each.