I remember one dream.

My brother was there and he was young. Someone either knocked on the door or rang the door bell, he answered by himself eventhough he knew he was not supposed to. A man came in and he was trying to sell a Cabbage Patch Doll (Gagou - the 1 i have - he is 1 of my 4 musketeers). He was explaining how he was not new (the bottom of his shoes were a little dirty & some other minor things), by that time my parents were there. Patrick really wanted it and dad said okay knowing full well it would cost money that he did not have. The man said his price and dad said that he would give him part of it then a piece of paper saying that he owed him the rest, the man of course did not agree with it (first he did not know dad + he had to leave town). He wanted to take Gagou back and my brother did not want to. That's all I remember (i think it ended there).