I remember one dream.

I was out shopping in a store that was going to close their doors forever so everything was at a low price even their displays, everything was going. After picking the clothes I wanted I was finding two of the things that was part of the store interesting and I called home to ask if mom was interested in some of those too. I then called dad to come get me at McDonald's because I was hungry, when he came I did not get any food. I then instead of eating decided to take the things I had bought out to show it off, I was more hungry but I then decided to go on the computer, I was more and more hungry but I decided to re-arrange the documents before going to eat. I was going to go eat finally but I saw some of the documents had appeared on the screen as a tab so I click then put them back in the documents folder but it re-appeared there so I did it again and then it started downloading or doing something like that so I freaked out. I was screaming, screaming no and other words, I was completely panicking. Mom was near doing something else and she did not care at all. Dad came in to show some papers to mom before going to bed and he looked at me having a panic attack and him too did not care at all. So I got up saying well then I won't have any computers crying and still panicking and mom who was the only one left there looked at me then rolling her eyes got back to whatever she was doing. I went downstairs (we were in our Saint-Hubert house - where it happened was my bedroom) to the kitchen (in the dream everything was not where it was then) and looked in the fridge to get something to eat because I was so hungry I was close to passing out. I saw pork grease from what my dad had cooked then thought about re-heating it and adding cooked and cut pork in the fridge, I said to myself it won't be extraordinary but at least it will be fast then I will do something else but I did not really believe I could do it.