Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream

I went to Matane with my parents. I ended up in Iris eventhough I did not have an appointment (i think it was my mom who had 1), the secretary wanted to do a few small tests to see if my glasses were still good, they were but I realised that with another pair I would see better. She saw that my eyes were dry so I explained to her how difficult it was for me to put drops in them, I ended up in the doctor's chair and by being tricky he was able to put drops in (at least my right eye), I ended up with my eyes crying and not being able to see very much because of the itchness so they called my parent's cellphone to tell them that it would take a while before I could join them. We also shopped (i think me going to Iris was in the middle of the shopping), with every store we visited it went worst (for me).