Spent nine hours and eleven minutes in bed. Had an average night. Remember three dreams.

I wanted to bed alone so I went to my bedroom (in my old house...it was not the bedroom i had when we moved but that room served me as a bedroom once) and closed the door, the curtains and I even put some things where cracks were so that I could be all alone and that noone could see me. I put on some music and I danced like I did not cared. I wanted to listen to some tapes from start to finish and a few seconds of a song skipped and that made me stop and I tried to rewind to where exactly it was when it skipped, it was very important to me and that made me stressed that this was happening.

A family with three children (2 girls and 1 boy that had an handicapp...he had legs but they were amputated before the knees or he was born that way). They moved to a new house and the father saw after putting the kids to sleep a crack on a wall, he looked into the hole and saw that it was an hidden room, excited he went to get a flashlight and looked in it again and saw that all the walls were painted red. The little boy crawled to his dad and said to stop because he was trying to open it up to go in, he even ended up on his father's back and he stopped. Then they all went shopping, when they came back a pair of red eyes were looking outside from the attic, the mother came close a few times to look there but did not. The end of the dream it was like watching a movie and the camera stopped following the family that was goin inside the house and there was a spider in it's web.

A bunch of stupid criminals did a crime, they stole a black briefcase. They ended up except the one who had the briefcase in a motel, the people they stole from were all waiting, the boss was there and many snipers and other people with guns. The driver drove so fast that they actually were able to park near the door without being seen but he pulled out and went parking the car right in front of the motel but the fartest. They were all ready to kill them but did not when they saw that noone had the briefcase.