Dear lori-dreams.
I am not shy of what or whom I am.My terror nitemares are always including ,wether my younger brother or one of my ex boss.
The problem with terror nitemares,is even if you get up for 30 minutes,assoon as you hit your pillow the dream goes on.It may last hours.

For the second part of your question,when I was stabbed,I lost contact with the world for half a second.When i let myself lie down,4 passers by,hope they will testifie,held me
I told one to move out of my sight,so I could see where they went.
The stabber entered the first house,the one that gave him the knife lived in the 3rd house.Then I let myself be spoken to.Alteady had lost a pimt of blood.When the police arrived told him where the agressors lived.Within 5 minutes they were on their way to jail,They found the knife hidden between 2 beams ina shed.I hope my blood was still on it.
Presently they are both out ,paid no bails for attempted murder.
The D.A. had no report from the police.So the kids purgered themselves.and they said I was an agressor and they were only stabbing me is SELF DEFENSE.The preliminary hearing is due I do not know when.About 10 days ago,2 detectives drove 60 miles to come and take ,my deposition.So this time the D.A. will be ready.If they plead not guilty,there will be a trial,where I will have to testify.When you tell the truth,what can go wrong.

I live in an area where almost no one wear suits,I now have 3 ,that I bought at a Second hand store.That is it

my health is improving yesterday walked 2 hours.