I remember two dreams.

I was Lara Croft. My next mission was to invest in a crime that was solved. Not long after looking at the files I realised they had the wrong person. I went where it happened, it was in an apartment building. The apartment was on the second floor and it was still shut with police tape. When I started to pick the lock people said to me I could not enter and of course I entered anyway. Someone called the cops. I was lucky that I found a clue fast so after I went out a window and was able to get away without the cops getting me. I slowly crossed the street. Two bikers were there and one saw me, he was trying to explain this to the other biker, when he understood they made signals for the cops but I was in my car and got away. I found a piece of rock in that apartment and when I saw it I knew it was a rare rock in the deserts of Australia so I went there where that rock was. It was a beautiful place with caves, big rocks, vegetation and water. I looked at what seemed to be a cave and saw water and it was so beautiful so I took out my camera to take a picture but a woman appeared behind me and her reflection was in the water and it would of ruined the picture so I did not take it. I ignored the woman angry and started walking.

I was in a backpack adventure. I found a hobbit house that was abandoned so I went inside but then a boat (it was surrounded by water and other buildings) came by so I hid, the captain of the boat was looking inside and before it went away while thinking I would not be found he saw me. Then I (cannot remember if something else happened in between) was somewhere where I made believe I belonged there but I was there trying to find free things that I needed because I had almost no money. I was found out but instead of calling the cops I was told there was a magazine where people were trying to find other people like me to travel free or with barely any money. I checked it out and found a couple. Our first night we ended up on a beach. An old man was trying to sleep with me and I did not want to, luckily before it got too far a cop walked by and said noone had the right to be there.