It took me a while to fall asleep but not hours and I did wake up a few times but not for long. As for the dreams I remember one and when I was cleaning my glasses a part of another came back to me, I do not remember if that dream was before of after the remembered dream.

In the part my parents were there. My mom was talking but I do not remember about what. I think they were supposed to leave for somewhere, my dad saw that there was a bag of bread waiting to be given to the birds so he took it, my mom said something again and I again cannot remember. My dad opened the door and threw the bread at the birds from inside because it was pouring rain and he did not want to get wet (it was raining so much that i think he got wet anyway..i remember the rain being close to the door and him coming close to it) all the while my mom was talking (still dont remember what she said) and birds were coming and eating the bread that was wet from the rain.

I called an healer as a surprise to my mom (for her birthday i think) I thought she would be mad since she likes being sick but she was actually happy when she saw the gift and gladly went to see him. He did his thing and said it was now okay, to be sure he took a piece of round meat and slowly broke it apart with a hammer, everytime he would do that my mom would feel something inside of her and move smiling saying that she was feeling it go away. Before she saw him I was asked by him what she loved to eat and I could not think of anything, I did technically but all the things I was thinking about was not sold there. When she was cured she took the food that was near and ate it, she did not care what it was she just wanted to know if she was really cured.