I remember five dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with bread and sandwiches (i dont even remember when i dreamed it).

I was on the set of another Blade movie. At first I was supposed to be an actress in it but I was not too good with the stunts and before I was fired I stared to sing and dance and I was very good at that so that was my job for that movie. The moves I was doing were even more complicated than the stunts.

I was with Tom Cruise and we were skydiving. We did that in many places.

It was like the end of the world. There were not many people around and some were even zombies. I was working for a company, my job was to travel and find rocks that were now worth money. I went somewhere dangerous with another man. We each found an abandoned place in which one room would do for a comfortable hotel room. We were talking to each others with our laptops. I ended up in a mountain and the farther I walked the more I found rocks of value. At one point there were some lava but it was not really lava it was rocks melting, I was continuing to walk up and I was showing this to the man and he told me to come back and I finally did. Before going to bed I had send him an email which he never replied to which made me angry. The morning came and soon after I got up he sent me an email and I decided to ignore it like he had ignored my email but a while later I read it and he said that he had made an insane mistake before going to bed, he had forgotten to lock the door, I looked at mine and realised that I too had done the same. I was freaking out but also trying to act normal like I did not know that. I was looking around and while I was doing that a man came from a book shelf. We started fighting with knifes. I cut him a lot and deep but he never was affected by it. I too was cut but not seriously. I started the fight with the biggest knife but suddenly it was the opposite. I stopped and said that it was not fair and we ended up measuring the knifes and deciding who would have which ones for the rest of the fight.

I was on a vacation where Andy Roddick and his wife were. I was pursuing him and he looked very interested but we had to be careful of his wife. Suddendly I was getting married to Jamie Benn, Michael Schumacher was his best man and his wife was my maid of honor (at first it was the opposite). Andy was really jealous but by then I had forgotten him and I was more than happy.