I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that I was in my Saint-Hubert house and there were at least one bad spirit I was fighting. I also remember that at least at one point I was at least keeping up with it.

Me and my parents had moved to a new place. The next door's neighbor had a huge property with a few buildings along with their house, one of those was a stand alone room, it was up a pole that did not have the stairs because when it was getting colder they closed it then after the Winter and the cold had passed it was opened again. It was for their child. When we were driving around to visit the area that made me think that it would be nice for me to have a place like that, so I could be alone for a while, this would have my bedroom. Then I thought that adding at least a bathroom would be better. I also thought that the more would be added the more it would cost and that I would be better to just move on my own. We found a restaurant but a woman that lived near it said that it was closed. We (i do not really remember me talking) started to talk and then she and I think someone else made us some food. When it was cooking at least one person (her i think) was trying to involve how it would cost for us.

I decided to put on some sunscreen, sport clothes and with a backpack I started to walk. I ended up in like an highway where I was about to turn around but from afar that was not that far I could see a big sign for a lake with a park and pathways so I decided to keep going (i was also scared that cops would stop me because for some reason nobody was able to walk where i was walking) and go see that place. The entrance was leading directly to a lake where there were many people. A place had lots of kids because the water there was shallow. I ended up sitting near that place where I put my feet and legs bellow the knee in the water to relax and then read (i remember thinking about me not knowing to swim). Then I saw Bill Clinton when he was president and he was checking out the mail, Hilary was there too and when he saw he had a letter from me or about me he gave a sign that he had president business to do and she left. He opened the letter. All I remember is that we were having an affair and he was using his presidency to keep it quiet and to see me often.