I remember three dreams.

I heard a big noise that sounded like doors slamming and that woke me up. Before that I remember two women talking and that's it.

I was about to put more air in my air bed, I was saying that at least the pump kept working fine and then realised that the pump too was dying on me.

I was watching television with my mom. I saw Kermit so I stayed there excited. He was with at least five humans and they were roasting him. At first it was funny but it soon turned mean then they just ignored him and started talking to each others. I changed the channel to a show I said I liked, it was the host of Top Gear but he was hosting another show. He was talking about a show coming back and then showed his collection of it then he showed an episode of something else. Houses were being evacuated and it was two teenagers who had started the alarm, they wanted to find something another teenager had. They looked everywhere but could not find it. When people were coming back one of the teenager said something to a man, that's all I remember.