Thank you for the feedback. Truly. I know it takes energy. Every time something goes through my own Soul I have to replenish in someway, whether it's a flash or a read, etc. It's a different kind of energy than say, working out.

This dream, actually, Robert Downey Jr. is still w/me, and I have memory issues. It's all emotion though. I don't know what the drug was but, you're right!

In the dream it took him away from all of the fakeness around him, the noise in his head and almost being fed up w/people.

The compassion and kindheartedness, I absolutely felt and quietness on the outside, harbors that (what felt like) of almost a great philosopher?? It felt like we'd really connect in some manner face to face, though not instantly, I don't think it would be something he'd be looking for at this point almost like he's given up on people. He just deals w/them if he has to. The pets seem to aid in some way.

I don't follow this person, but the dream itself, felt as if I were actually there. I almost wanted to look up to see if he actually had a Komodo Dragon or some other odd pet. In the dream it felt he has great comfort w/well almost idiosyncrasies of nature?

I like your version better. BTW, What is the Akashic Field? Is it symbolic or a literal existing physical or natural essence, like hemisphere/stratosphere, but in a Spiritual sense maybe? I didn't know if it was an interpretation of creator or all that is.

It really is nice to see you and I truly hope all is well or getting better. For myself, it's always pretty much one step. One day, at a time. smile

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