I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with Daisy or she was part of it (its a stuffed frog i gave mom this year for easter).

I watched a Dallas Stars game and they were losing by one goal with seconds left and they scored to tie but that goal was taken away because supposedly a rule had changed before the game and now when the players of a team who scored that was in the other team's zone would touch the blue line even just a little the goal would be taken away, one of the Stars player had his two skates barely touching. This was absolutely ridiculous and they lost because of that. After I was talking with mom and everything was fine until I started talking about that and this is when she ignored me, that made me angry but instead of doing or saying something about that I just kept on talking and she kept on ignoring me. Dad and my brother (he was a child in that dream - about 10) came back from running errands, dad had bought a lot, too much, he almost had to add a trailer to the car for all that food.