I only remember some of my last dream.

I was Olivia from Fringe. Most of what I do remember is so strange that I don't know how to describe it. I was on a mission and while out of where we were I saw a big vehicule parked near that looked suspicious but I kept walking and acting normally in case it was people spying on us or worst. Next thing I know I'm inside there with one of these people in front of me with my gun behind his/her head (cant recall), most of the people were scientists (they certainly were dressed like that...the inside looked like a laboratory) and there was at least one observer. They were trying to explain to me that they were not part of the evil people and the way it was shown to me was really crazy (there was 2 naked people in a room unconscious...a woman entered there naked full of gold glitter...came close to the only persons face of the 2 that i could see..that was really weird) then I ended up taking a shower there and putting on my clothes without drying myself, that felt good even with the clothes being wet ang getting wetter with my hair dripping. I washed my teeth too but only used water. That's all I can remember and write. That whole dream was more than weird!