I had three dreams last night.

The first I only remember what it was about. I was driving along a deserted dirt road and my car broke down. I had to call for help and my cell phone was working but the rest I don't remember. I know that I was mad but I think it was because of who I had to call for help, I think it was either bad neighbors (those people hate us and are quite dangerous) or my alcoholic drunk driving uncle.

My second I was walking on train tracks. A train was coming on the left so I was going to get off the tracks but another train was coming on the right so I said to myself that it was allright and I calmly stayed in the middle. The trains were moving slowly eventhough they did not have to stop there. There were lots of wind but that was it (i was only scared for my eyes...in real life im almost psychotic about my eyes). When both trains passed I just walked out of the tracks. I ended up on what was supposed to be a bridge but it was made of rocks. Then I was on a street of what looked a big city and I started to walk (there was a lot of people there and it was night) and I took my cell phone and was talking on it but to noone.

I do not remember anything about my last dream.