I remember two dreams.

I had enough money to go spend a year in Dallas with season tickets for the Stars and I did it. When I arrived there the taxi driver was not too sure which way to go after I gave him the address of the house I rented for that year, just when I was thinking that he was trying to screw me he said oh yes I know and he drove me there without screwing me. The house was big and beautiful. I asked the person to show me everything again (it was showed to me via emails and phones and letters) to be sure I would not have any troubles with the alarm, television and everything else like that. Then I looked around and unpacked a little when I was left alone then went to the grocery store for some food to start things out. I walked there, I could of taken the bus but I wanted to walk to see the neighborhood. For some reason it was like I was in another continent, the food packaging was completely different than in Canada. I was taking a long time and I felt like people were looking at me strangely and angry because I was taking up space a long time but they were not on both count. I finally was able to get a few things for at least that night and the first breakfast and walked back home.

I woke up and realised when I went to the bathroom or before or after that I had put my panties backyard.